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The privilege of the ones

By Maria Elena Pacheco

Estimated numbers point out that there are 2 189 716 inhabitants in this city. 52,5 % of the population of the Capital city are women: We are 1 150 056!

All of us carrying the routine on our backs and ornamenting a capital that is vain for that blue décolleté its bay offers it, going to the future with the arrogance of walking on heels sure of our charms.

Havana is a woman-city doctor, nurse, journalist, scientist, internationalist, leader, grandmother, child... daily paying Clara Zetkin a retribution for that voice that rose in Copenhagen and for the rights we fought for in January 1959.

Men look at these women with fascination, they are the ones that today challenge the wind in the suit of a mason or a sentinel of the Homeland, and which fight each day to erase limits and doubts.

She is a temptation to all virtues, to will, she does not believe in impossible things; she is garden, miracle, random, fancy, guitar, labor and engagement.

What contradiction can exist in a phrase on which two centuries of Marti’s courtesy have rode: "I saw emeralds in the land, where there are blue butterflies, I saw palm trees where there is sorrow; I saw diamonds for a world’s lesson, there is plenty of coal there; but I never saw such a wonder as the Cuban woman".

Who of the 1 039 760 men of this city would dare deny so?

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